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Organic organizational development for high efficiency.
We train, supervise and accompany.

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VIABLE POJECTS - what makes us special

For your individual complex intentions or for your entire organisation, we provide structure and transparency, taking into account elementary socio-cultural aspects.


We train, supervise and accompany. Virtual and present. In your language! All our stable, viable (performable - sensible - feasible) building blocks for your target achievements are closely intertwined. Preconfigured company packages support your systematic development.


With maximum effectiveness for your end customer and maximum simplicity of procedure, all solutions are completely embedded in the overall system of your company.





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We offer some prepared packages and are always ready to develop a tailor-made combination for your company. Let us talk about it!






Learn more about the software we prefer and use.



With a wide range of questions, checklists and worldwide
accepted methods we address your tasks and offer
accompaniment during the practical implementation.







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01 AgileBA


02 AgilePM


03 csm Agendashift authorised partner


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