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Our approach is based on the latest neuro- and learning didactic findings for the further education of adults. We focus on the change of perspectives, movement and interaction of all kinds. Even though comfort zones have proven to be very helpful for everyday life, the acquisition of new knowledge is only possible if we lure you out of it - quasi if we guide you to new places on an extended map.


Trust and patience lead to the discovery of the new scope of movement with recognition and exchange. For all those who engage in this, our trainings become a key experience. Knowledge is anchored and transfer is possible.


This applies to all trainings with certifications as ATO (accredited training organization) as well as all supplementary modules.


We have come up with a lot of ideas for the successful application in your everyday life. We are constantly working on the expansion of supporting measures.




Thanks to our proven track record, we can provide you with the following guarantees:



Exam Guarantee

In our trainings according to our approach, you will take the exams that may accompany them (different options are available in our portfolio) in a relaxed manner. If, contrary to expectations, you do not pass the exams immediately, you can repeat the training against only reim-
bursement of expenses and the exam fee.

Guarantee of effectiveness

On request, we can accompany you from the preparation to the practical application. We not only offer the training itself, but also support you in the implementation in everyday life. In this way we ensure that we not only impart knowledge, but also guide you to applied know-how.

Guarantee competence

We insist on trainers and consultants with a long-standing track record in project management. You benefit from the continually expanding experience of our experts.








Frame to all our trainings.



We will provide the material to help you prepare for the course (e-book, workbook, webinars, etc.), course material (lecture notes, notebook, process wall chart, etc.) and practical material (templates, articles, information, etc.) according to the level and complexity of the course and subject to availability. In other words, we provide everything you need for the course and applying your new skills afterwards.



The maximum size of regular courses is 8 participants, while internal corporate courses can accommodate 12 participants.



Every regular course in presence includes full catering throughout the day. Our comprehensive packages include a kick-off coffee, mid-morning break, lunch and afternoon snack.  We make sure that you are catered for to our very own high standards.



All dates are listed at www.viableprojects.eu and in the corresponding information material. Additional training courses for internal corporate groups can be arranged upon request. These are tailored to the individual requirements and scope of the specific project. We are happy to arrange courses offline (with the very highest hygiene standards and UV-C disinfection equipment), online and hybrid at any time. The training times can also be arranged totally flexible early or late in the evening, on weekends or public holidays.


Booking details

For public courses early-bird bookings (at least 60 days before the start of the course) are eligible for a 10% discount. Also for multiple users on public courses are following discounts available: 

  • 10% multiple booking discount for the 2. attendee
  • 15% multiple booking discount for the 3. attendee
  • 20% multiple booking discount for the 4. attendee 
  • 25% multiple booking discount for the 5. and all additional attendees 


Above these regularities we offer attractive terms and agreements for corporate customers with volume discounts. We offer  who would like to book several courses. Loyal customers benefit from our bonus system. Please contact us for further details!


The exams take place immediately after the training on paper for presentation training or on the web for virtual training via eProctor. This means we are flexible for any spatial requirements. The documents are sealed and are only opened max. 30 minutes before the exam starts.


The Foundation exams are subject to an initial evaluation on site and the preliminary results are announced immediately afterwards. The Practitioner exams are evaluated on average within 10 days of the documents being returned to the Netherlands. We have an extremely high pass rate internationally. Many of our clients achieve very high scores.


Modes (Presence/virtual)

All trainings are alternatively available in both versions and can also be integrated into larger training courses. Virtual training courses offer more opportunities to exchange, observe or learn from each other and a greater haptic experience. Virtual training courses offer great savings in time and travel.


Our virtual trainings are highly interactive with a rich mix of tools, which also reflect all data security requirements. The duration of the virtual units usually comprises blocks of 60 - 90min. with a subsequent break. Whereby only 2 such blocks are offered in one day. Such days also have deliberate intervals built into them for processing. Inform yourself about the details during the respective training.



  • Wien: Ideenräume - Mittelgasse 4, A - 1060  Wien 
  • Köln: Novotel Köln City - Bayernstrasse 51, D- 50678 Köln, novotel.accorhotels.com
  • Berlin: CHIC Charlottenburger Innovations-Centrum - Bismarckstrasse 10 - 12, D - 10625 Berlin, www.chic.de



We offer some prepared packages and are always ready to develop a tailor-made combination for your company. Let us talk about it!






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